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How to get glowing skin before big event?

Events or normal days skin is one thing we always want to look blemish, acne free and smooth as silk. That’s easier said than done considering everything that we consume reflects on our skin, lack of sleep, hormonal changes and not to mention the exposure to dust and pollutants.

Unhealthy Skin

Few things that can cause unhealthy skin include not washing your skin often, not using the right skincare, not hydrating enough, not using clean towels to clean your face and not sleeping on clean sheets or having poor hygiene.Resulting in clogged, bumpy, rough and dull skin.


One cannot transform the exterior if they don’t fix the interior. Start with an increase in hydration, the first thing you have as soon as you wake up is have a glass of water and continue to have at least a minimum another six glasses in the day. Start this at least a minimum of 15 days before your big event.If you can add some chia seeds in your first glass of water in the morning will take care of the gut. For your breakfast, have a green smoothie with kale, celery and green apple. This smoothie will allow you to detox all the toxins in your body.Include as many fresh fruits and vegetables will allow you to get the right sort of minerals and vitamins.


Use natural cleansers suitable for the right skin type e.g. Lush angel face or fresh soy face cleanser or you can use ingredients from your kitchen to cleanse your face oats for dry skin a, rice flour for normal skin and ground almonds for oily skin. All these ingredients will not only cleanse but also polish your skin but will also give you the natural glow.


Follow your cleansing routine with a mask. There are plenty in the market which will give you radiant skin e.g. Skin food rice mask or Body shop Himalayan charcoal mask pick whichever one is suitable for your skin. You can also use fresh home ingredients to make masks at home which will give you radiant skin e.g. yogurt with honey or cream with cocoa.

Tone & Moisturise

Once you have washed your face apply a toner. you can use rose toner from Fresh or use rose water as natural toner which will give you the much required glow. Follow it up with a moisturiser that will give you the radiant glow that is I’m from rice cream or Tatcha’s dewy cream. Make sure you do this routine at least twice a week before the big event.


You have to sweat out toxins from your body and increase the blood flow to your skin. Include some sort of exercise in your routine, if you hate cardio then go for long walks or light intensity training this will not only release the toxins from your body but also improve your blood circulation. Exercise will also release the endorphins that will trigger the happiness and positive feeling in your body.

Before you sleep

Before you go to sleep, try and have a herbal tea which will keep your gut settled through the night. Skin detox yogi tea is really good for skin detoxification and hitting your goal of glowing skin. You can also brew a tea of your own that will help you achieve the right results, for that you will require fresh mint and fennel seeds. Brew these ingredients for few minutes, pour it in your cup with a spoonful of honey and drink it at your own pace.

Sleeping Mask

One of the days where you are not following the above mentioned routine for your skin, wear a sleeping mask from Glow recipe or Laneige water mask that will keep the moisture locked in your skin and in the morning wake up to radiant dewy skin.Also ensure that you are well rested catching roughly 7 to 8 hours of sleep that’s when your skin repairs itself. If you are someone who travels a lot on tubes or trains try to cover your face with a face mask to protect it from pollution and dust.

Now go and follow all the above to get your glowing skin and be patient with yourself. Anger, irritation or frustration has the worst effect on your skin.

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